Calf Prosthesis

The calf prosthesis is advised for patients with little projection in the calf region. By increasing the volume of this region, the legs will have a more harmonious contour in relation to the thighs.

The projection produced by calf implant is posterior and lateral, i.e., the “calf ” will be increased in volume behind the tibia which means reduction of the space between the two legs, harmonizing them.

Anesthetic type:
General anesthesia may also be epidural.

Length of stay:
24 hours.

Avoid walking a lot and climbing up stairs. It is common to feel some pain within the first 48 hours, but it can be controlled with anti – inflammatory and analgesic. Compression garment must be used for at least 30 days.

Although very rare, some complications may occur: infection, hematoma, seroma, abnormal healing, thrombosis, extrusion of the prosthesis.

Definitive result:
The final result of any plastic surgery should occur after 6 months due to the scar. However, in about two months the form will be almost ready.


Frequently asked questions to Dr. Charbel El Hachem
Questions – Calf Implants – Plastic Surgery
Calf Prosthesis

1) Does the calf implant surgery leave any scars?
Every surgery leaves some scars. The scar for calf prosthesis is located in the skin fold behind the knee.

2) Is the recovery very painful?
No. The pain occurs mainly in the first 48 hours, and Dr. El Hachem assures all patients that it is tolerable and controlled with analgesics and anti-inflammatories.

3) How long after the surgery can I return to work?
It depends on the type of work. Office work can be performed after a few days. Dr. El Hachem warns the patients that they should avoid long drives and walks at least the first two weeks after the operation.

4) How long until I can exercise again?
3 months after placing the calf prosthesis.

5) How will my legs look like after the surgery?
The calf prosthesis provides a projection from the back and the middle of the “calf”, reducing the spacing between the legs.

6) Is there a risk of rupture of the prosthesis?
Calf implants are very strong, but a very strong trauma can lead to their rupture. It is easier to fracture the leg than to break the prosthesis.

7) Can I associate calf prosthesis with other plastic surgeries?
Yes. It can be associated with liposuction, breast implants, breast lift and other surgeries.

8) Does calf prosthesis have to be replaced?
All prosthesis wears out with time. Although the manufacturer does not indicate duration of the prosthesis before replacement, Dr. El Hachem believes that proper monitoring should be done. In around 20 years a reassessment should be made.

Calf Prosthesis

Preoperative recommendations:

1) Communicate with Dr. El Hachem until two days before the operation, in case of flu, malaise or fever.

2) Arrive to the hospital on time.

3) Avoid any alcoholic beverages or large meals the day before surgery.

4) Avoid any medication for weight loss, for a period of 21 days before the surgery. This also includes diuretics.

5) Do not take any medications containing acetylsalicylic acid for at least 14 days prior to surgery (aspirin,etc.).

6) Schedule your social, domestic, professional or school activities, so as not to become indispensable for a period of about 20 days.

7) If you smoke, avoid smoking at least 30 days prior to surgery.

8) Stop birth control pills or hormonal contraceptives about 30 days before the surgery. Use another method of contraception during this period.

9) Have a complete fast (including water) for 8 hours before surgery.

Postoperative Recommendations by Dr. El Hachem:

1) Avoid everyday efforts in the first 30 days.

2) Avoid walking long distances and climbing stairs for 21 days.

3) Closely follow the prescription.

5) Normal diet .

6) Do not take any medicines that contain aspirin for at least 14 days after surgery (aspirin,etc.).

7) Use compression stocking at least for 30 days.

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